We need affordable housing for all.

If elected, I will campaign for measures to help ordinary people afford a house by supporting increased council development of mixed housing. Everyone’s situation is different: housing allowances should be targeted towards different needs.

Promote liveable communities which allow residents to remain in their homes and provide opportunities for all ages, ability levels, and backgrounds to engage fully in civic, economic, and social life.

I witnessed family addiction as a child and suffered the deprivation that goes with it. Access to education helped me overcome my disadvantage and see the opportunity for others in similar situations.

I have worked with the Institute of Technology Carlow to establish a unique third-level campus outreach at Tiglin.

Having started two successful businesses which today employ 40 people, I understand the difficulties in developing and running business today.

Covid has brought new challenges and stresses for people in business and those who depend on them.

Having witnessed violence in the home as a child, I have a deep commitment to creating a society where men and women are always respected equally. Violence comes in many forms and is never acceptable.

We must face up to the challenges that face women and children in particular in Ireland and worldwide. We need to further educate people against gender-based stigma. I will campaign to highlight the challenges we still face and the solutions we need to overcome them.

I run a small business and we are committed to becoming environmentally sustainable.

I am currently working with the Department of Agriculture to establish ‘The Homeless Forest’ in Co Wicklow: a new woodland of 10,000 trees contributing to nature while highlighting the problems facing homeless persons.