11th February 2022: Charity founder and businessman Aubrey McCarthy launches bid for Trinity Panel Seanad Seat

Aubrey McCarthy, a Kildare based businessman has thrown his hat in the ring as a date for the bye-election for the Trinity Panel Seanad seat vacated by Ivana Bacik TD has been announced.

Aubrey McCarthy, who hails from Punchestown, is best known for his charity work with Tiglin, an organisation that provides opportunities, housing, rehabilitation and vital supports to those affected by homelessness and addiction. He also founded No Bucks Cafe on Pearse street which provides over 250 meals a day.

Speaking after his launch today at Trinity college he said:

“I am running for the Seanad because the lessons I have learned through my work need a strong voice in the Oireachtas. We need to focus on inequality but also on
solutions that make sense and get results. On areas such as affordable housing and liveable communities for all, I believe I can make a positive contribution. If elected I will fight to remove barriers to education for vulnerable students and families. I will promote and support small businesses and work for practical solutions on environmental issues. I want to be a strong voice in the Seanad for economic wellbeing and social justice and I look forward to representing the Trinity Panel.

Mr. McCarthy has received endorsements for his campaign from ex-Irish international player Niall Quinn and former Judge Gillian Hussey.